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Tarot Card Meanings - The Pentacles

The Pentacles represent employment, enterprise, wealth, home and the earthly facets of life. This page features the suit of Pentacles, from Ace to King. Scroll down to see each card. Click on the card to view a larger image.

Ace of Pentacles

The seed of success. Opportunities are available. A better job. A promotion. Perhaps a windfall profit or an inheritance is on the way. With increased prosperity will come increased responsibility. A card of good fortune, but remember that the seed requires cultivation to bear fruit.

The Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card


Selfishness. Holding on tightly to riches. Possibly so enchanted by the pot of gold that it is only clutched more tightly as the palace around it deteriorates into disrepair from negligence. Fortune that does not bring happiness. Alternatively, the opportunity does not come. Anticipated prosperity is not attained.

Two of Pentacles

Juggling, just like it looks. Keeping things in balance. Look past the juggler to the ships out at sea. He is working hard to keep things going until his ship comes in. He may need to spend some time with his partner or his family, to try and balance his life a bit better. His ship is in rough seas, but things will work out well for him if he doesn’t drop the ball. Traditionally, obstacles, agitation, trouble.

The Two of Pentacles Tarot Card


The conflicting demands are too intense. He cannot maintain balance any longer. He drops the Pentacle. He may try to cover up the problem with false gaiety. This aspect may also suggest that the subject’s work involves the written word, perhaps advertising or journalism. Traditionally, writing, letters, paperwork, messages, financial problems, false gaiety.

Three of Pentacles

Craftsmanship. Profitability. Recognition. Partnership. Good planning. Advancement through skill and effort. Working well with others to achieve success. The Pentacles represent down to Earth matters of business, employment and finance. This card signifies rising to a higher level in the material world. Passage from apprentice to journeyman. Traditionally, nobility, renown, glory, distinction.

The Three of Pentacles Tarot Card


The opposite. The result is unsatisfactory. Perhaps the subject’s efforts are ignored or unappreciated by superiors or customers. Perhaps their work needs improvement. Perhaps the problems are due to poor performance by co-workers or partners, but the result is the same. Traditionally, mediocrity, weakness, pettiness, laziness, waste.

Four of Pentacles

The Miser Card. Focused on money, business interests and material possessions. Developing structure to secure and perpetuate wealth or power. This greed is driven by fear of losing what has been gained through previous labors. It may be time to relax a bit and perhaps share just a little of the wealth. Traditionally, surety of possessions, inheritance, investments, success in business.

The Four of Pentacles Tarot Card


Financial instability. Unable to hold on to money. Poor investment choices. Gambling. Wasteful spending. Previous gains are diminished or wasted. The stress of maintaining things may be too great. Perhaps a deliberate choice is made not to be a miser. Traditionally, hinderance, loss, suspense, delay, opposition.

Five of Pentacles

Financial problems. Job loss. Poverty. Hardships related to money. Frustrating and difficult, but not permanent. Lessons that the road is not always smooth. Traditionally, the Five of Pentacles also suggests loyal partners supporting each other through these difficulties.

The Five of Pentacles Tarot Card


A turnaround. After hard work and thought, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. Perhaps unexpected good fortune. Reversal of negative trends. The traditional interpretations of this aspect are darker, however. Traditional meanings include confusion, anarchy and discord. Possibly those who stood by each other during the lean times may be less faithful when the material situation improves.

Six of Pentacles

Benevolence. Generosity. Charity. Sharing. Exchanges of money for admiration. Exchanges of energy to achieve balance. The Six of Pentacles may be about helping others, but it may also be about receiving help. You might be the benefactor, but you might also be the recipient. Perhaps the subject is freeing themselves from the burden of debt, financial or otherwise. Perhaps they may receive presents, bonuses or inheritances in the near future. If offered gifts, accept gratefully. Traditionally, gifts, gratification, prosperity, philanthropy.

The Six of Pentacles Tarot Card


Lacking the resources to help those in need. Problems paying off debts. Ingratitude. Offers of help turn out to be tied to greater obligations. Possibly a warning to avoid giving loans, there is a good chance they will not be repaid. Traditionally, greed, jealousy, selfishness, imbalance.

Seven of Pentacles

The day to day tasks associated with enterprise. Cultivation. Caring for the crop. Waiting for the harvest, but not idly. Pruning, fertilizing, watering. The hard work and patience required to make things grow. Doing the routine things it takes to stay on the road to prosperity.

The Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card


Anxiety results in poor quality work. Apprehension about competitors fuels rash decisions. Harvesting before the grain is ready. Working hard for little return, often as a result of impatience. Perhaps insufficient resources are available to do the job properly.

Eight of Pentacles

Apprenticeship. Craftsmanship. Conscientious and thorough study or work. Focusing on doing it right. The Eight of Pentacles also suggests conscientious and thorough behavior in one’s personal life. Perhaps the subject is diligently adhering to an exercise plan, a healthy diet or a savings plan. Traditionally, candor, practicality, employment, commissions, scholarship.

The Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card


Overworked. Underpaid. Unsatisfying jobs. Lack of effort or lack of interest in work. Perhaps boredom or poor training lead to frustration and substandard performance. Unemployment may result. Problems saving money or paying bills are also possible. Traditionally, hypocrisy, usury, unreliability, insincerity, lack of ambition.

Nine of Pentacles

Financial independence. Prosperity. Affluence. Comfort. Good health. Possibly a new home. Perhaps a luxurious vacation. Reaping the rewards of all the previous hard work. Traditionally, safety, prudence, success, accomplishments, thoughtfulness, property, contentment.

The Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card


Still a card of property and money, but the Nine of Pentacles reversed may signal threats or dissatisfaction. Possibly boredom with inherited wealth. Perhaps the wealth was ill-gotten and there is guilt. Perhaps their property is threatened with damage by vandalism or natural disaster. A warning to exercise great care and diligence in real estate transactions. Beware of swindles. Traditionally, trickery, deception, cancelled projects, betrayal, deceit, theft, storms, disappointment.

Ten of Pentacles

The achievements of a lifetime. That which is permanent and may be passed on to future generations. The family business. Fortune. Heirlooms. Estates. But also traditions, ancestry, the family name. Wanting to ensure the security, comfort and preservation of the family. This card may be an indication of a coming inheritance, perhaps as the heir, or perhaps as the executor. A card of stable wealth, and also a card of heritage.

The Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card


The reverse of the upright meaning. Members of the future generation care not for family traditions or ancestors. There is no inheritance, or it is wasted by spendthrift heirs. Greedy family members battling and bickering over the estate, only to find it consumed by debts and taxes. Also, the reversed aspect may represent alienation from the family.

Page of Pentacles

A message about health, business or finance, likely good news. Also a suggestion to pay close attention to business matters. The Page, or Princess, of Pentacles is the down to earth child. Analytical. Pragmatic. Hands on. An engineer and a builder. Serious about learning. Serious about money. This is the child who opens a lemonade stand or mows lawns by their own initiative. Traditionally, scholarship, concentration, apprenticeship, work.

The Page of Pentacles Tarot Card


Bad news about finance, business, or health issues. Overly materialistic. Obsessed with acquisition. Probably a cheapskate when it comes to spending on other people. Only interested in getting paid, not in doing quality work. Possibly problems studying or understanding assignments. Traditionally, dissipation, degradation, luxury, meddling.

Knight of Pentacles

A person of integrity. Someone who can be counted on. A closer. Dependable. Self sufficient. Conscientious. Persistent. The Knights represent travel, and this Knight in particular suggests travel over natural terrain on foot or by off-road vehicle. Traditionally, interesting, attractive, beneficial, important, helpful, successful.

The Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card


A workaholic. Focused on advancement and success in the material world, while ignoring the emotional and aesthetic elements of life. Turned inward, uninterested in others and apparently boring to them. However, some see this aspect more in the traditional light... burned out, inactive, unwilling to work hard. Traditionally apathetic, stagnant, indolent, discouraged.

Queen of Pentacles

A prosperous woman. Resourceful. Fastidious. Conscientious. Perhaps a business owner, or a driving force behind a business. In control of her surroundings and her family. Generous and caring. Confident that she knows the right way to do things. She works hard to ensure the welfare of her loved ones, the quality of her environment, and the success of her ventures. Traditionally, opulence, security, freedom, luxury, sincerity.

The Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card


The reversed Queen of Pentacles is the opposite of upright, for the most part. She is not generous. She may be insecure and possessive. She may have problems getting things done. She may not pay much attention to the needs of others. She may not be very concerned about her environment. Possibly indicative of financial issues. When looking at health questions, be alert for dietary or digestive problems. Traditionally, suspicious, uncertain, vengeful, apprehensive.

King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles is a leader in monetary matters, and possibly in environmental matters. When representing a person, he is likely to be involved in finance, and to be successful in the business world. A shrewd investor, but interested in value as well as profits. A lover of the finer things, but pragmatic about their acquisition. Perhaps a bit possessive about the people in his life. Steady, stable and dependable. Generous about providing guidance to others. Traditionally, courageous, intelligent, intellectual, loyal. Mathematical aptitudes.

The King of Pentacles Tarot Card


Reversed, the King of Pentacles may become a cheapskate or an exploiter. He may be a business owner who underpays his employees, cheats on taxes or operates dishonestly. Perhaps a slumlord. He may view people simply as resources. Also, there may be financial problems. Mathematical aptitudes, dependability or pragmatism could be lacking. As the Pentacles represent the Earth, this reversal could suggest environmental carelessness or usury. Traditionally, vice, weakness, ugliness, perversity, corruption, disorder.

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