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Immediately below is your Mandala Spread with the cards in position. Below that are details about the symbolism of each position and the meaning of each card. Click on a card for additional details about its meaning.
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Your Self Overall

Nine of Cups

Success and happiness are attained. The good things in life can be had. Good health will be enjoyed.

Your Ambitions, Desires and Primal Urges

Knight of Swords

Youth and bravado. Sometimes a dominating personality, but honest and courageous. Misfortune may be coming or passing.

Your Ideals, Goals, Path to Spiritual Contentment

The Star

This is the card of hope, perception and revelation. Great love is possible and good health will be enjoyed.

Your Real Accomplishments and True Path

Three of Cups Reversed

Overindulgence leads to pain and failure.

Your Dependencies, Addictions and Erroneous Values

The Queen of Wands

The power to acquire that which is wanted. A productive mind and body. A loving nature. Success.

Your Strengths and Positive Personality Traits

The Tower Reversed

The attainment of physical and spiritual freedom at great cost.

Your Faults and Weaknesses

Ace of Pentacles

Prosperity, pleasure and beauty can be realized.

Your Self Awareness and Self-Image

Five of Swords Reversed

Victories may be empty. False pride must be avoided. Sorrow is possible.

Your Desires, and Higher Purpose

Page of Wands

This card represents courage and beauty, a quickness to love as well as anger. A carrier of tidings and information.

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