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Free Minchiate Tarot Reading Instructions

The Minchiate Tarot deck dates back to the origins of Tarot. In addition to versions of the more common seventy-eight Tarot cards, it contains an additional nineteen cards representing human virtues, the elements and the zodiac. Minchiate Tarot readings may provide additional understanding of a question. Twelve free Minchiate Tarot readings are available here. The Celtic Cross, Relationship, Astrological, Planetary, Tetraktys, Past Life, Birthday, Mandala, Star, Tree of Life, Past-Present-Future and Cross Triangle Tarot spreads are featured. We suggest reading the Tarot spread descriptions to decide on which to use. There is no limit on how many readings you can get. Feel free to do as many readings as you like.

The purpose of each Tarot spread is explained below. Select the spread of your choice. Follow the instructions for the individual spread and click the link immediately under it for your free reading.

Your free Tarot reading will be displayed on a separate page. Click "Lay Out Another Reading" to return to this page if you would like to try another reading. You may also click the "Print Reading" link for printable copies of your reading, on most spreads.

Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic Cross is a versatile, widely used Tarot spread which looks at past, present, future, positive, negative, internal and external influences to answer a question. The Celtic Cross may be used for relationships, finances, health, or just about any other issue. To use this spread, focus on the question to ask the cards, then click below for your free Celtic Cross reading.

Relationship Spread

The Relationship Tarot spread presents the desires, perspectives, needs and views of each partner, along with the likely outcome of the alliance. It is useful for seeing both sides of a relationship question. Focus on your relationship with a specific person, then click below for your free Relationship reading.

Free Celtic Cross Spread Free Relationship Spread

Astrological Spread

The Astrological spread represents the current influences of the astrological houses and the overall state of the querent’s life using Tarot cards. Each card should be interpreted in the context of the house it represents. This spread does not require a question, simply click below for your free Astrological Tarot reading.

Planetary Spread

The Planetary spread associates the meanings of the Tarot cards with the influences of the planets... the Moon on the home, Mercury on career, Venus on love, Mars on confrontation, Jupiter on finances, and Saturn on intellect. This is a query spread which suggests an outcome... focus on the question to ask the cards, then click below for your free Planetary spread reading.

Free Astrological Spread Free Planetary Spread

Tetraktys Spread

The Tetraktys Tarot spread is a pyramid composed of four layers... The bottom layer suggests the human elements in the reading, represented by Fire, Water, Earth and Air for creativity, love, business and intellect. The second layer represents the spiritual forces behind current creativity, sustenance and renewal. The third layer represents the opposing and balancing forces of light and darkness. The fourth layer is the concept, and the supporting cards below it provide insights on how the influences they represent are affecting the situation. This is a query spread. Focus on a question, then click below for your free Tetraktys reading.

Past Life Spread

The Past Life Tarot spread aids in understanding how past lives may affect one’s current life. This spread can be used without any questions to get a glimpse of past lives, or by concentrating on a specific question to ask the cards. Click below for your free Past Life reading.

Free Tetraktys Spread Free Past Life Spread

Birthday Spread

The Birthday Tarot spread represents goal setting and progressive self improvement. It suggests issues that need to be overcome, energy that may be harnessed, and external forces that may affect the quest. Focus on the objectives to achieve before your next birthday and click below for your free Birthday Tarot reading.

Mandala Spread

As with the Birthday spread, the Mandala spread helps the querent understand their current state and recognize opportunities for self improvement. However, where the Birthday spread may relate to the earthly, the Mandala spread provides insights into one’s spiritual direction. Questions are optional with this spread. Click below for your free Mandala spread reading.

Free Birthday Spread Free Mandala Spread

Star Spread

The Star spread provides answers to a specific question. It offers the present state, issues and obstacles that need to be overcome, a way to overcome the obstacles, and the outcome. To use this spread, focus on the question to ask the cards, then click below for your free Star spread reading.

Tree of Life Spread

The Tree of Life spread describes a person’s personality, subconscious, spiritual, intellectual and physical characteristics. You may read on yourself or another person. Focus on the person in question, and click below for your free Tree of Life reading.

Free Star Spread Free Tree of Life Spread

Past, Present, Future Spread

The Past, Present, Future spread is used for specific questions. It is a three card layout which describes relevant past and present influences, and the future outcome of the question. Concentrate on a question to ask the cards, then click below for your free Past, Present, Future reading.

Cross and Triangle Spread

The Cross and Triangle spread provides detailed information on the influences affecting you, suggestions on how to overcome negative influences and the outcome of the query. This spread requires a question. Focus on the question to ask the cards, then click below for your free Cross and Triangle Tarot reading.

Free Past, Present, Future Spread Free Cross and Triangle Spread

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