Minchiate Tarot Past Life Spread

Past Life Emotional Influence


Faith denotes the spiritual self taking or needing to take the forefront and need to seek truth.

Past Life Mental Influence

The Western Emperor Reversed

This card represents a weak will, undeveloped leadership qualities, flamboyance, and the inability to learn from experience.

Past Life Spiritual Influence

The Devil

This card represents the dark forces in the world, misuse of power, depression and addiction to the material world. Beware of The Devil in you and do not allow him to gain control.

Past Life Physical Influence

Queen of Swords

Often mournful from loss or infertility. Quick witted, gracious and kind but firm.

Karmic Debt You Must Pay

Ten of Wands

Strength and power may be misused. Heartache is possible. Persistence will eventually solve all problems.

Karmic Lesson You Must Learn

Three of Coins

Material fortunes grow. Crafts or arts are mastered.

Past Life Impact On Your Life Now

The Sun

This card represents material success and the achievement of goals, fulfillment in the simple life.

Past Life Impact On Your Future

The World

This card represents the success in all its forms, liberation from want and a celestial consciousness.

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